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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

SIP Calculator which calculates returns on your SIP investments.

SIP Calculator which calculates returns on your SIP investments.

Systematic Investment Plan i.e. SIP is a kind of investment scheme provided by mutual fund companies. Using SIP, you can invest small amount of money periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly) into any selected mutual fund.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Calculator calculates the wealth gain and expected returns for your monthly SIP investment. It helps you get rough estimate of the maturity amount for any monthly SIP based on a projected annual return rate.

SIP Calculator is made with context of SIP mutual fund investment in India.
A very simple and easy to use SIP Calculator build for you, use it and share your feedback that will help to serve you better.

Financial Calculator for SIP, SWP & ELSS Investments in Mutual Funds.

Plant your money tree by investing in mutual funds. Before that, take help from this outstanding and simple SIP(Systematic investment plan calculator) investment calculator application and calculate the return amount of any mutual funds for high returns on investments.

Investing in mutual funds is an important and easy task these days and saving and compounding money helps in securing future goals that are based on financial condition, for that, help your finance in terms of savings by investing in mutual funds. Get a clear view using this online SIP calculator about which mutual funds return the highest value at last.

Let this application advantage you to make a smart investment plan as a SIP planner and allow us to grow you higher with better mutual funds calculations and high investment returns with this mutual funds SIP calculator.

Every investment leads to profit only, in this case, Let this investment calculator help you make profitable calculations with other two calculation tools such as SWP(systematic withdrawal plan calculator) and ELSS(Equity linked saving scheme).

What is SIP ?

SIP: Investing With SIP allows monthly investment in mutual funds with a small amount as well as one-time investment with lumpsum amount in mutual funds for a minimum period of 1 year.

Move forward to be financially stable with a lumpsum SIP calculator for mutual fund investments and calculate SIP returns & lumpsum returns and take the best decisions for investing in best performing mutual funds.

SWP: Investing with SWP using swp mutual fund calculator allows investors to invest money with a withdrawal facility to withdraw fixed amounts at regular intervals(monthly & yearly).

Earn more and count more because the SWP calculator is there to hold your hand in withdrawal calculations also with a detailed sheet of your investment on both monthly and yearly basis in a tabular form.

ELSS: Investing In ELSS allows investors to invest money to reduce the tax burden. Thus if an investor wants to invest Rs. 50,000 in an ELSS, then this amount would be deducted from the total taxable income.

Reward yourself with a gift of tax reduction facility with ELSS and for that calculate your return amount using ELSS calculator for high expected returns.

How to Invest in SIP.

Money grows faster with proper strategy in investment, so there should be a feature where an increase in SIP, SWP & ELSS amount after a certain period becomes important for high return disciplined investing. All three calculators allow you to update the regular paying amount for high return investment planning.

Also, Natural circumstances may happen without invitation, for that here, this maturity amount calculator allows to lower the paying amount.

All three parts ask for three basic values to calculate your return on investment:
~ Deposit Amount
~ Expected Return Rate
~ Term(>=3 years for ELSS)

Measure the insights after calculations in tabular format in 3 sections:
~ Amount Deposited
~ Returns Earned
~ Yearly/Monthly End Balance Sheet

Use this app to the fullest with 3 different currency formats, with more than 10 different currencies, and choose the decimal places as per your convenience.


SIP કરીને કેટલા સમયમાં 1 કરોડ ₹ ભેગા થાય ? જુઓ આ વીડિયો

Share calculation details calculated by mutual funds calculator directly to your close ones and improve your knowledge on high return investments also, make them aware of this great mutual funds return on investment calculator application so that they can make their smart savings planning like you with quick calculations.

Enhance your investment learning about mutual funds with the know mutual funds section and get answers to frequently asked questions such as
~ What are Mutual Funds?
~ History and Types of Mutual Funds?
~ Drawbacks of Mutual funds and many more…

Don't forget to share your happy experiences with Mutual funds SIP calculator through positive reviews and ratings.

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