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Monday, February 20, 2023

Viral video: 27 passengers in a rickshaw

Viral video: 27 passengers in a rickshaw

Viral video: 27 passengers in a rickshaw

Viral Video: 27 passengers in a rickshaw: Bakri was returning after offering namaz on Eid, people said – Yogi government should give small and big awards to the driver
27 passengers in a rickshaw People are enjoying watching videos on social media.

One rickshaw and 26 passengers. This may be surprising. But, it is true. In Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, a driver was driving a rickshaw with 26 people in it. He was speeding when the police spotted him. They were also shocked when the policemen stopped the rickshaw. The police counted and pulled out 27 people one by one from the rickshaw. All were returning after offering Namaz on Bakreed.

People are enjoying watching videos on social media. When someone demanded that the rickshaw be declared a mini bus, someone said, “The driver should be given some small reward to Yogi Sarkar.” You can also watch the full video by clicking on the photo above.

The police stopped the rickshaw when it was speeding on the Lalauli road. The incident is from Lalauli Chowk in Bindaki Kotwali area. Police was stationed at the crossroads regarding Bakreeed. Meanwhile, an auto rickshaw sped away, then the policemen ran and stopped it. Kotwali in-charge Ravindra Srivastava took the children and elders out of the auto rickshaw one by one. All the Maharahas were residents of the village. Everyone was going to the village after performing the Bakreed prayer. Now the police have seized the auto rickshaw.

ક્રિકેટ રમતી છોકરીનો વિડીયો જોવા અહિ કલીક કરો

Kotwali in-charge Ravindra said that we were doing duty as Bakreed. Meanwhile, a rickshaw passed at full speed on the four roads. Which we stopped by running. In counting, 27 people including the driver got out of the auto. In which 5 people were older. All the rest were children. The rickshaw has now been sealed.”

This video is fast going viral on social media. Social media users are commenting on this in many ways, you should also read…

27 passengers in a rickshaw

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