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Friday, December 16, 2022

Whatsapp Confirms New Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode Feature

Whatsapp Confirms New Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode Feature

Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode: New features are constantly being added to the popular messaging platform Whatsapp and every new feature is tested in the beta version before being included in the app. But not every feature included in the beta version is necessarily included in the app. Now WhatsApp has confirmed a new feature.
Whatsapp Confirms New Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode Feature

WhatsApp has confirmed on a blog site that soon Apple iPhone users will start getting the benefit of picture-in-picture mode. With this feature, the phone can be operated during video calls and the video will be visible in a small window to the people involved in the call.

When will users get the new PIP mode?

The app owned by Meta wrote in a blog - Picture-in-picture mode in iOS: Now in beta testing and will be rolled out in 2023. Multitasking during a call can be easier with the minimized in-call video screen. Currently, minimizing the app during a video call stops the video from showing.

How the PIP mode feature will work?

WABetainfo, a platform that reports on WhatsApp updates, said that WhatsApp's picture-in-picture mode will work in the same way as it does for apps like Facebook and YouTube. Videos played on these apps can be seen in a floating window on a part of the screen and now the same will happen during WhatsApp video calls.

That is, on the screen, you are accessing any app, the WhatsApp video call will continue to play in the floating window and your video will not be disabled for the rest. Such an option is currently offered in mobile apps like Microsoft Teams.

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WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Meta, will soon get a new feature for users, with which they will be able to use other apps on the phone even during video calls. This feature will be rolled out next year.

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