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Friday, November 4, 2022

History of Gujarat E-book

History of Gujarat E-book

The State of Gujarat was established on May 1, 1960 by separating the Gujarati speaking areas from the Greater Mumbai State. The state has prominent sites of ancient Indus Valley Civilization, such as Lothal and Dholavira. Lothal is believed to have been the world's first port.

Gujarat has gifted India two great leaders of its independence movement - Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Besides, Gujarat has also given India a principled and patriotic Prime Minister like Morarji Desai. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Home Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of India who formed Greater India by uniting more than 600 princely states.

Throughout the history of India, Gujarat has played a very important role in India's economic development. Gujarat is one of the developed states of India and its industrial growth rate is the highest in all of India and much higher than the average growth rate of India.

Mythical Gujarat

In Vedic times, Gujarat was known as Anart Desh. Somnath Temple, Girnar mountain is mentioned a lot in mythology. At that time Saraswati river may also be flowing as far as Gujarat. During the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna established the city of Dwarika on the west coast of Gujarat. The great city of the Pandavas, which lived in obscurity, is also believed to have come to today's Kutch region. The sage Yajnavalkaya lived in the region on the banks of the Narmada.
History of Gujarat E-book

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➥ Author : Nitin Patel (perfect career education)

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એક ભારત શ્રેષ્ઠ ભારત અંતર્ગત રાષ્ટ્રિય એકતા દિવસ નિમિતે ઑનલાઇન ક્વિઝ માં ભાગ લેવા પરિપત્ર અહી ક્લિક કરી

બાળકો, શિક્ષકો, CRC, BRC, અધિકારીઓ, વાલીઓ

ક્વિઝ આપવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Rich remnants of Indus Valley culture have been found from Lothal and Dholavira and 50 other places. Gujarat has always been known for its beaches. The towns here are ports and centers of trade in the Mauryan and Gupta Empires. Then in Gujarat, four separate states like Kutch, Saurashtra, Patan and Lat (South Gujarat) co-existed.

The Gujarati Sultanate was established during the 13th century and remained in power until 1576, when Akbar conquered Gujarat and incorporated it into the Mughal Empire. It was conquered by the Marathas in the 18th century.

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