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Monday, November 14, 2022

Bal Sansad Rachana, Aayojan File, Patrako, Form in Pdf & Excel


Bal Sansad Rachana, Aayojan File, Patrako, Form in Pdf & Excel

Bal Sansad in primary school: It is said that the Sutevo, formed in childhood, excellently develops the personality of the middle class, so it is necessary to work on education at the primary level, as well as the development of excellent qualities in the child.

The Children's Parliament is a children's parliament run by and for children in which the child actively participates in school and classroom policy formulation, management, development, improvement and decision-making from school.

Bal Sansad Pdf file for Primary School

The future of children is formed in primary schools. Furthermore, children have higher learning speeds than adults. He immediately assimilates these behavioral habits. Schools provide an opportunity for children to be disciplined, as well as to indirectly involve parents and the community.

There are also effective role models for girls. They teach other children, as well as their siblings, any new good behaviors they learn at school. Not only that, in the future when he becomes a father, he will likely teach his children as well.

Bal Sansad Excel file Gujarati

'Children's parliaments are formed democratically. In which all the students and teachers of the school are selected through the selection process of the Secretary General, Minister of Education, Minister of Health, Minister of Water, Minister of Sanitation and Minister of Sports, etc.

The school is an important start in terms of education, health and personal development of active students and 'Baalsansad'. Which creates an environment for children to learn.

Leadership, the ability to make timely decisions in a collective spirit, as well as qualities such as autonomy, are instilled in children, helping them to understand the subject as 'Politics'. Therefore, Gues in child care education as well as life training.

Bal Sansad format | Bal Sansad of Gujarat

Appoint one teacher as assistant with each minister, if the number of teachers is not enough, then one teacher can be assigned responsibility for two or three departments.

The Minister of each department will select the candidate who has received the fewest votes in the election for Vice Minister. If there are no candidates left, then the Deputy Minister can be selected from among other students.

After the election of the Deputy Minister, each Minister must select the team taking into account his own account. The selection of the team must include all the students of the school. In which the representation of boys and girls, young people/elders and children with special needs must be the same.

Bal Sansad in school Gujarat

Number of schools for team formation: Form a team taking into account the number of teams. The detachment is rotated every 10 days depending on the account. So that all the students of the school can be involved in the work of all the departments.

Attempts have been made here to shape as a guide only. The school can make the necessary changes in its own way. But yes... in this the purpose of the children's parliament must be fulfilled.

The following accounts can be created in elementary and upper elementary schools. Considering the number of school staff and the number of girls and the need of the school, I may as well become a vega.

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