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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Write your experiences about COVID-19 to your family

Write your experiences about COVID-19 to your family






Letter writing competition for students ... *

First Prize :: 25000 Rs.  And certificate
Second prize :: Rs.  And certificate
જુ Third prize :: Rs.5000.  And certificate

A letter writing competition is organized by the Post Department.  For this, write a letter on the following subject from Speed ​​Post.  Must be delivered by April 5.

The letter can be written in English or any other language.
વિદ્યાર્થી Any student up to 15 years of age can participate in the competition.
* All the details of what letter to send from Speed ​​Post are given in this pdf.  Open this link for full details *

Send to all students.

The way the bloodbus demon is destroyed by Maa Durga is very symbolic and messageful.  This bloodbath is nothing but our wishes, which continue to be born one after the other.  A wish is fulfilled that the second and third take birth on their own.

  We are constantly struggling with them, but disappointment is at hand because most of our efforts are in the direction of will, not in the direction of will.  Bloodbase does not die as long as a single drop of its blood remains.

  Like this, we have to drink our unprovoked desires and wishes, which keeps grieving and bothering us in vain.  Drinking desires means controlling them judiciously and forcefully.

  Maa Kalratri is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri today!

Navratri eighth day Maa Mahagauri
Navratri eighth day Mahagauri

Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri i.e. on the eighth day.  According to mythological beliefs, to get Lord Shiva in her husband's form, the Mother Goddess had undergone severe penance due to which the entire body of the mother had turned black.  Lord Shiva was pleased with the difficult penance of the goddess and accepted her as his wife and due to the philosophy of Shiva, she got noticed due to which she was named Gauri.

The appearance of Mahagauri appears extremely compassionate, calm and soft.  Whoever worships this form of the mother of the devotee in the true sense, the mother grants him the blessings of auspiciousness and glory.
Navaratri worships Mahagauri Puja on the eighth day!

Om Pooja Vidhyamam Mahagauri
The special significance of Ashtami Tithi has been told in Navratri.  Some people also worship Kanya on Ashtami Tithi, it is believed that on the day of Ashtami, first of all, Lord Ganesha should be invoked and worshiped.  Vineyards, fruits, nuts and dakshina etc. should be offered, after this, worship of Kalash and other Gods and Goddesses should now bathe the statue of Mahagauri with water, milk and offer yellow clothes  Light a lamp in front of the mother's statue and meditate on it with your mind.  Surely you should keep the suhag box in the worship  In the worship of Mahagauri, offer white or yellow flowers to the mother and chant mantras.

Write your experiences about COVID-19 to your family

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