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Sunday, October 25, 2020




GCERT Gandhinagar is a department working continuously under the Education Department. The Education Department Gandhinagar recruits teachers according to different qualifications from Std-1 to 5 as well as Std-6 to 8. This recruitment process takes place in a specific period. After the Department of Education recruits teachers in each district, the process of including them in the regular pay scale is started and teacher readiness is imparted by imparting special training to them.

       It is the job of the education department to decide how many teacher subjects there should be in a school based on the number of teachers in the whole of Gujarat. Depending on the number of students and the number of teachers in a school, the job is done by the education department in Gandhinagar. Then if the number of students decreases then a letter is prepared for the teacher who is in excess in another school and after preparing the set his death is reduced to camp. In this death reduction camp the teacher who is  They have to attend where they have to go further under the school which is decided by the District Primary Education Committee and have to act as their teacher there.

        The teacher can work as long as he wants to work there. This set up process takes place every August-September and from there the establishment of teachers from all over Gujarat is ready. The District Peer Camp is organized and the Education Department conducts the Gandhinagar process as the recruitment ratio is fixed.

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