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Saturday, October 10, 2020

saral data app thi marks scan karavaa babat latest GR

saral data app thi marks scan karavaa babat latest GR 

The state primary schools have been conducting unit tests for the last two years. The main purpose of conducting this unit test was to repeat as much as the child learns and at the same time prepare. As soon as he learns the syllabus, it is repeated and at the same time he got good results of Jai Ekam test while preparing for the first annual examination and the second annual examination. The results of this research are currently being conducted all over Gujarat in unit testing and various researches are also being done in it. It is checked and if there is any mistake the students are guided over the phone and the unit test is also signed at the specific place of the guardian. This time the unit is new in the marking of the test. Since teachers have to do this process carefully as they have to do multiplication through this app, there is no room for errors and omissions as the question times have to be multiplied here. The scanning process will take place in 2020

Matter of entry through canning from unit test book for standard 6 to 8 in primary schools of the state

 According to the above subject, unit test has been organized in all the primary schools of the state in the last three years for the purpose of improving the standard of education and knowing the student wise learning outcome. Students of all subjects of 3 and for the first time data capture marks and results are obtained. The RCC co-ordinator has to do the unit. The data base of the students of all the schools under the test is taken from the Enabled Dias Child Tracking System which is to be considered. The coordinator is appointed

Important instructions to keep in mind when scanning the route under the unit test

 You can download simple data application from google play store. You can also download it by clicking on the link below

 For online attendance of teachers and students you have to login to this application using the same username and password you use for online attendance system portal.

 The last seven digits of the student's uid should be written in the box given in front of the unique ID of the students in the table given for wrestling the unit test and the question and marks should be done by the student of the circle given below in one question.

 There are a few things to keep in mind when darkening the circle given in the unit test table

 Circle should be fully accounted. If it is half darkened it will not work i.e. scanning will be done. Do not knead more than one circle in a single question.


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