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Sunday, October 25, 2020



The Department of Primary Education, Gandhinagar conducts new experiments for children in the field of education every year so that the child can come to school every day and develop an interest in free and compulsory education standard one to eight.

In the

field of primary education, the Government of Gujarat is coordinating the new GCERT Gandhinagar as well as the Department of Primary Education, Gandhinagar.  Gyankunj project has been implemented in primary schools of Gujarat so that children can get education by making good use of audio-visual as well as technology. Gyankunj project explains the content of the video as well as the whole lesson in the form of a story so that the child can remember more  .

From the year 2019 onwards, the unit has started conducting unit tests in schools every Saturday in pursuit of the subject only for the purpose that the child can do anything in his life only if there is competition among the children in the primary schools.  The Department of Primary Education, Gandhinagar has started giving badges to encourage children.  The ceremony was started so that the students could be encouraged and work harder

In the primary examinations in the primary schools, a certain criterion has been laid down for the students of Std. 5 to 8 to work hard and achieve in their field.  The process of awarding certificates as well as two as an incentive to the students who get more than 80% marks in these subjects as well as the main subject Mathematics Science Gujarati in Std. 6 to 8 has been started under the guidance of Mr. Dr. Vinod Rao, Secretary, Education Department, Gandhinagar.  The results of which were very good. The students also found something new in education and encouraged them to work harder. The steps taken by the education department also instilled in the students a willingness to work hard so that they can do something in the future.  Every possible step has been taken by the Gujarat Government as well as the Education Department, Gandhinagar by implementing this step

Certificates will be provided from Letters and BEST Gandhinagar. Further stating that in this certificate school taluka district student name of student standard etc. details have to be written accurately. List of names of students will be given here. So I have asked the office here to pay attention to the percentage of 80% in Std. 5 and 75% in Std. 6 and 7 according to the details in the certificate. A representative of the district is requested to send and receive the q-tel from the entire education office sector 17 Gandhinagar on 12 November 2020 from 12:00 noon to the next day and also to give these certificates in 2020 in such a way that full details are filled and only two. To ensure that it reaches the schools, the students should be trained on the new 2020 as per the guideline of covid 19 and the Director of Materials, Primary Education, Gujarat. Instruction of letter number of state Gandhinagar by Gujarati schools so that it is requested to go to the house of the student and distribute full respect. While issuing this certificate Govind will have to implement Rajasthan.

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