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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pensionero ni Varshik Hayati ni Kharai Karva Babat Letter 29/04/2020

 Pensionero ni Varshik Hayati ni Kharai Karva Babat Letter 29/04/2020 

Gujarat Pensionero ni Varshik Hayati ni Kharai May Mahina ne Badle Jun mama Karva Babat Nana Vibhag no Letter 29/04/2020. 

Matter of checking the yearly endurance of beneficiaries for the year 2020 in June rather than May. 

The Government of Gujarat has chosen to check the yearly endurance of the beneficiaries of the State Government in the long stretch of May by the goal of the Finance Department. In the event that endurance can't be confirmed in May, exclusion is conceded till July. Arrangement has been made to concede installment of annuity sum in the event of retired person neglecting to demonstrate his/her endurance during this period.lockdown has been actualized by the legislature to control the Koro scourge. Hence, it was under the thought of the Government to change the period for confirmation of endurance so the beneficiaries don't experience issues in checking their yearly resource. 

Goal: After cautious thought, it is chosen to confirm the yearly endurance of the retired people in June rather than May. Furthermore, retired people who can't check endurance in June can likewise confirm endurance in July and August. What's more, Pensioners/Family Pensioners of the State Government can likewise confirm their online endurance on the Jeevan Pramaan Portal ( according to the goal over (3) taken from the perusing. Along these lines, on the off chance that the beneficiary neglects to confirm his/her life in June, July or August in the year 2020, it is chosen to concede the installment of the annuity sum from September. Different arrangements of the Finance Department every once in a while with respect to the confirmation of the yearly endurance of the retired people will continue as before. These directions will be powerful for the year 2020 in particular.

The Covid-19 epidemic that has spread across India has not affected any section of the society. This has made it very difficult for the elderly as well as the retired as they cannot get out of the house and go to the bank to collect their pension. The problem is because the bank has many lines and allows it to go inside the bank in a line as per the token, so the elderly cannot get out of the house in old age and cannot even stand in the line. The deadline was very short by the government but due to the Corona epidemic, the government has extended the deadline for the pensioners to submit proof of their existence by issuing a notification in this regard by the government as well as the pension fund department. The Government of Gujarat has stated that there is no need to go at present. So that the pensioners can now be relaxed and take their own time clause of import and deposit it in the account of the Government. Rupees are credited to his account so that he has to give recovery notice of the account and get back the money deposited so the pensioner has to make an entry of his life.

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