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Saturday, October 10, 2020




The National Education Policy was encircled in 1986 and adjusted in 1992. Over thirty years have gone since past Policy. During this period noteworthy changes have occurred in our nation, society economy, and the world on the loose. It is in this setting the training segment needs to outfit itself towards the requests of the 21st Century and the necessities of the individuals and the nation. Quality, advancement and exploration will be the columns on which India will turn into an information super force. Unmistakably, another Education Policy is required. 

The Government had started the way toward planning a New Education Policy through the interview cycle for a comprehensive, participatory and all encompassing methodology, which thinks about master assessments, field encounters, observational exploration, partner criticism, just as exercises gained from best practices. 

The Committee for planning of the draft National Education Policy presented its report to the Ministry on 31.05.2019. The Draft National Education Policy 2019 (DNEP 2019) was transferred on MoE site and furthermore at MyGov Innovate entryway inspiring perspectives/recommendations/remarks of partners, including open. The draft NEP depends on the fundamental columns access, moderateness, value, quality and responsibility. 

Post accommodation of Draft Report States/UTs Governments and Government of India Ministries were welcome to give their perspectives and remarks on Draft National Education Policy 2019. A short outline of the Draft National Education Policy 2019 was coursed among different partners, which was additionally interpreted in 22 dialects and transferred on the Ministry's site. Gatherings with State Education Secretaries of School Education and with State Secretaries of Higher and Technical Education were held.An Education Dialog with Hon'ble MPs of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Odisha. 

An uncommon gathering of CABE on National Education Policy was held.' In the gathering, 26 Education Ministers of different States and UTs, agents of States and Union Territories, Members of CABE, Heads of Autonomous Organizations, Vice Chancellors of Universities, gone to the gathering alongside senior authorities of the Central and State Governments. Around 2 lakh proposals on the Draft National Education Policy got from different partners. A gathering on Draft NEP 2019 of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education was hung on 07.11.2019

Every teacher in the National Education Policy as well as professors and professors from every department related to education can give their opinion regarding the National Education Policy 2020. There is a definite reason why the opinion of teachers is considered by the Ministry of Education as each state is language based. It is said that in order for children to be able to study in their mother tongue, only the teacher knows what is bothering them. Only a high school professor knows what is bothering the children. The main purpose behind the car is also the order of the Ministry of Education that all teachers should give their opinion on this matter as even the smallest opinion comes to work with an education friend as education reform has to be done with the help of Roger's information and attention. Opinions about this education policy from education experts as well as retired non-granted private school or retired teachers of education for the purpose of resolving the issue. The Government conducts specific research on these views as to which of these recommendations should be accepted and which recommendations should be further researched and incorporated in the Education Policy 2020.The Ministry of Education also includes experts based on different languages. Expert teacher friends from different languages ​​are conducting research on whether education policy will improve children in the future as well as at the college level. How to include sports in education from an early age. By what standard should English language be included? Education How can parents overcome the problems of their children? How to use knowledge as well as science for education? Tara researches all these matters and considers it as a final education policy and it is made public by the Ministry of Education.





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