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Sunday, October 25, 2020



 GCERT Gandhinagar It is very useful for the educational and social development of the children.  It is great that gcert has recently launched a question bank one step ahead for the development of children's educational, social, mathematical, scientific and curious activities by using their intellectual capacity and doing great fun activities from the educational materials obtained by  It will also be very useful in this home learning as the answers to all the questions in this question bank have to be written using one's intellect and thinking as much as possible so that the child's thinking power will also develop and he will know the answer on his own.  They will develop the ability to do something new and their ability to do calculations

This question bank pdf will be very useful to satisfy the curiosity of the children who always have a curiosity to do something new. In their minds this question will raise many questions by the bank and to solve it.  Will try so that they will find new and new learning. This question bank they will try to solve the question by sitting with the parent so that the parent can also develop intimacy with the child.
One step further, what is the benefit of answering the GCERT Gandhinagar?
 Children's brains develop thinking ability because they are given the ability to think more and more as they are given ideological questions.
           The child is always motivated to do something new and his / her habit of reading and writing develops more and more. This is one step ahead.  This will also prepare the child for his next standard at the same time  GCERT strives for the educational development of the children not to spoil the education of the children at a time when schools are currently closed. They show videos of every standard through DD Girnar channel through the studio so that the child can study regularly even at home so that the child's study is not interrupted. Therefore, the Home Learning program is announced in advance so that the child can pay enough attention to his studies and no one misses out on five. ERT Gandhinagar has launched a PDF file of various activities under the title One Step Ahead for the Psychological Development of Children. It has to answer different questions and the students have to decide whether these questions are used in their daily life or not. The same information has to be completed and submitted

 What are the benefits of taking the solution one step further?

One step further, by reading the book in the mobile, the child develops more and more thinking power

 One step further the book can be stored in their mobile as it is in PDF format and below it is a feedback form just below the PDF in which the teachers and students report what is missing in the PDF which is one step ahead. Can

 One step further the solution of the magazine prepares the child for the next standard because the higher the level the more the children like it.

 Counting the magazine one step further develops the psychological power in children i.e. they become more thought provoking person.

This PDF is placed on the GCERT website every Friday which the students have to download or the teachers have to download and send it to the students of each school through social media.

 Once this PDF is found on Friday, then solve it and then on the following Thursday, when the student does not take another step one step further on Friday, the first thing to do is to give feedback in the last issue. You can officially tell the GCERT department all the things that need to be improved so that this is a new application that is new to them too.

 One step further, the study is going to benefit Std.

When the children do not know something, they call the teachers for guidance and try to learn so that the PDF will be very useful one step ahead at the time when it is not going on at present as calling the teacher will also solve the question and At the same time, discussions can be held with the teacher who is not familiar with the curriculum

 As it is published every Friday from one step forward, every teacher as well as every CRC, BRC and strictly instructed that this PDF booklet must reach all the students one step further through social media or any other means as this PDF A format is created in which children have to take opinions

 My dear visitors, such educational information is uploaded on my website on a daily basis. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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