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Sunday, October 25, 2020

National education policy EXPLAIN EASY 2020

 National education policy 2020 in gujarati

 After almost three-four years of deliberation, after millions of consultations and brainstorming, the National Education Policy has been approved. It is being widely discussed in the country. People from different fields, people belonging to different ideologies are giving their opinions. It is gratifying that the more discussions there are, the more the country's education system will benefit. Since the introduction of the National Education Policy, there has been no question from any section of the country that there is any kind of bias or any one-sided thinking. It is also indicative that people wanted a change in the education practice that has been going on for years which they have also seen

                            It is natural for some people to ask why such a big change can be made even if it is done on paper. That is, how can it be made real? That is why all eyes are now on its implementation. We all have to do and must do together to make arrangements to meet such challenges where and how much change is required.

                   The National Education Policy of the country is divided into four sections. The first section covers school education. Ensuring universalization of education at the level, curriculum and pedagogy in school should be holistic, enjoyable and active, comprehensive, inclusive education, efficient governance with the help of equal and school complex group and effective resource allocation process, norms and standards for school education This first section covers these various issues

           National Education Policy 2020 includes higher education in the department, including quality universities and colleges, as well as institutional restructuring and consolidation, motivated and competent faculty, equality and inclusion in higher education, education training, restructuring of vocational education, new national research institutes. All these details are included in the Department of Quality Education in every field, radical changes in the regulatory system of higher education, effective governance and leadership for higher education institutions.

      The National Education Policy Human Part II covers other areas of central education, especially vocational education training and lifelong learning, promotion of Indian languages, arts and culture, use and integration of technology as well as online and electronic education i.e. ensuring equitable use of technology,

      Part 4 of the National Education Policy covers implementation and strategy i.e. empowerment of Central Education Advisory Board, financial system i.e. quality education affordable to all, implementation.

       The country's national education policy, which is full of such issues, is soon going to be immortalized in India, which the countrymen expect to be a complete success, as this education policy is based on your advice from parents, students and expert teacher friends across the country. This is so that Indians living in all corners of the country are determined to reap the benefits. This National Education Policy 2020, which includes technology in particular, and the dream of a golden future for students, is sure to succeed.

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