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Sunday, October 25, 2020




What is classroom education?

 Each member of the group learns their point instinctively by getting help, guidance or solution from other members of the group for their own learning problem or problem. It is called classroom learning. Is


Another student learns instinctively with the help of a point that one student has already learned

 With the help of others

 Mutual knowledge and understanding are exchanged

 And friendship with children is cultivated

 Class task management becomes easier

 The interest and enthusiasm of the child increases as the place and group change from time to time

 Not enjoying various activities

 The point of learning can be different from different methods and gaining different invaluable experiences so it remains enduring.

 Confidence grows, leadership thrives, group spirit develops.

 The role of the teacher

Makes it clear that there are some things to learn on your own.

 Mutual learning learns to help teach others

 14 asks to motivate the child who seems to be active in the work to be constantly involved

  Pragya does not want to form a group in the approach but keeps on instructing the children to help the children in the winning basket according to the progress of the card.

 Indicates changing the group according to the card only after directly or indirectly confirming whether the child completes the work of the card.

 The group leader isolated the gifted children and used them in other operations

 Use of technology in education

 If a child uses technology in class work as well as at home with education, the child can move on to better activities elsewhere.

 The child makes good use of technology

 This visual and audible material seen and heard can make him remember for a long time

 Using various mathematical applications increases thinking power and reasoning power

  Clocks can give physical answers to songs as well as mathematical examples

 Sometimes verbally answering mathematical examples in a matter of seconds

It is very important that parents stay with their children and teach them to use the application well, because just carrying a note pen is now a thing of the past and we have to use technology along with development as the child learns in a traditional way and uses more technology. It is imperative for the child to move forward as now is the time for computer and technology and we have to keep pace with it so the child as well as the parents have to use technology now.

 Sometimes in traditional education the thing that the child does not know about the topic of the unit is just some social media such as educational videos, mathematical videos. Equipped with effects so that the child can easily understand certain issues

 The government is also moving towards using technology more than the students now. At present, government schools are closed through home learning as well as through various social media. Education is closed so that the students do not spoil their studies. Mobile Microsoft Google meet google classroom in those mediums where children are taught using various applications

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