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Sunday, October 25, 2020




Different types of cards in Gujarati language Synonyms antonyms Words metaphors All these Gujarati grammars are learned by children from an early age but due to their young age they get used to all these grammar issues while playing but when they go to school and teacher's guidance While studying various issues under, the child realizes that I have already solved this issue i.e. I have to include those words and sentences etc. in the daily process and in everyday life like in simple present day various actions like Laughing Getting up Eating-Drinking Watching TV Sleeping Writing Remove Walking Let's move on. The word is called a verb. It is necessary to learn grammar in school days because when Gujarati grammar is included in the curriculum up to college in a different way so that the child's texture What is the use of learning all other languages ​​if the mother tongue does not come? So it is very important for the child to get education in his mother tongue even when he is studying in senior KG and junior KG during three to five years because the child thinks in his mother tongue so that he can answer various ideas as well as various questions. It is given in the mother tongue. Studying different words from an early age gives different vocabulary to the child inside the brain and also gives different meanings to it. The collection of all these words enables the child to answer different sentences and different questions

                In Gujarati grammar, antonyms and synonyms are just as important. Usually a synonym is the same as a given word. Another word has the same meaning. Synonyms have no more than one meaning. It is just as important to have more meaning and to be aware of it so that it is easier to experiment with the sentence and sometimes you can even come up with the meaning of the different words in the five, so the collection of synonyms is very important. The more the word comes, the better because it makes it easier for us to make sentences from other languages ​​like synonyms in both Hindi and English so that we can create a story ourselves even if we have to make a story from different new pictures. We can also add sentences with the help of different words so it is very important that we study it as it is a synonym or a process of everyday life.

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