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Sunday, October 25, 2020




Why do parents use the English word to show their child different pictures, different things, different places since they are three years old, because their children learn some English words as well as their mother tongue from an early age? And English vocabulary grows in his mind from an early age. This vocabulary seems to be very useful for him in the future. It is very important to learn the mother tongue in the beginning because in the mother tongue the child thinks in his mind. The father should also give the knowledge of the mother tongue to his child first. After the mother tongue is fully mastered, he should be introduced to the English words. Nowadays, it has become very mandatory to know English with the mother tongue because you can go from bottom to top in any field except English. You will not be able to work comfortably in Hindi film because English has become very compulsory in all fields. If you do not know a little English, you cannot walk in any field Parents prepare English vocabulary for their children from an early age so that if English vocabulary is in their mind, they will be able to communicate with it and will be able to speak true or false but broken English.

                    When a child goes to school, the study starts from the alphabet in English. After the study of the alphabet, different people are taught the names of acquaintances rather than English. It is very important to know the composition of English spellings because different words are pronounced differently in English and the spelling is different so the pronunciation is different and the spelling is different. It is also important to think of such words yourself and learn the exact method of spelling them if you have a collection of spellings in your mind and if you are familiar with the Spanish method then you can easily speak English in front of others and answer any question you ask. Would

                    When any lesson is run in school we are not run in English but every word is done in Gujarati because we can think our thoughts in Gujarati as Gujarati but yes with that you can translate it into English for sure so the teacher also runs the content in each lesson unit Explain English in Gujarati at first and then give a speech in a specific English language. What is the benefit of this? What will the teacher explain and at the same time explain the meaning? No need to prepare why teachers allow spelling to be written five times in homework because only if the student prepares the spelling will he be able to come to English easily and can also easily compose large sentences from Gujarati to English.

                           So here is a treasure trove of different spellings that give details including the English pronunciation and meaning of the difficult words that come in the line of each unit of all the units of the whole standard which you can also save in PDF format.

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