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Thursday, October 8, 2020



The unit test is conducted every month by gcert in every government school, private school as well as non-grant aided school.  Education Department Gujarat sends its to every school by email which is sent to the home of the students on the day before the test.  Students from 3rd to 12th have to write the answers of the unit test according to their ability at the scheduled time. Based on this unit test, the child can be evaluated annually and its progress can be known on a daily basis. Parents are also aware of the child's progress.  Most of the test questions are designed to be written by the child himself. The answers to each student are different.  This unit test is currently conducted once a month in Std. 3 to 12th.

   In the situation of covid 19 in Std. 6 to 8, assessment with age at present. From 2020 21 in every medium. Further action has to be taken keeping in view the following matters for planning of periodic assessment test for the students of class III.

While taking the unit test, the syllabus taken in the month of July in the test of Mathematics and Gujarati subject will not be included in the test of September.

 A copy of the syllabus of the assessment test for September 2020 is attached herewith

 Testing should be done keeping in view the learning outcome

 Gujarati and Maths will be tested in standard three and four

 Gujarati English and Hindi will be tested in standard five

 Gujarati English Hindi Sanskrit will be tested in standard 6 to 8

 According to the resolution of the Department of Education dated 12 2 2020, the first language mathematics, social sciences and the same tests about science have to be taken.

 Self-supporting and grant-aided schools will be able to voluntarily take tests in subjects other than these four subjects.

 The time assessment test will be held from 26th to 30th September. By 25th 2020, the test will have to reach the students in hard copy or soft copy.

 The time assessment test will be held from 26th to 30th September. By 25th 2020 students will have to reach hard copy or all gopi tests.

Download gr from here

 On 25 3 2020, GCERT's website will make available the current medium tests as well as the Gujarati medium test which can also be seen in the QR code of the syllabus of that subject.

 Sardar is expected to write the test in a way that is convenient for the guardian and the students to be supervised by the student guardian.

 It is more desirable that the answer book of the test be delivered to the school through the guardian by 10 2020

 Other mediums which have Gujarati test in Gujarati medium will be tested first language of Aditya medium.

 Gujarati medium Hindi will be tested and Gujarati second language will be tested in the middle

 If Gujarati medium has English test, Gujarati second language test will be taken in English medium.

 Schools have been instructed by each officer to make necessary arrangements for all the above periodic assessment tests and also given time which will be made compulsory to reach out to every child through youtube social media or any other medium.

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