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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Can government employees get leave if they have corona?

 Can government employees get leave if they have corona?

 The coronavirus epidemic is now rampant in India leaving no section of the society unlocked in the country so the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing day by day and many more people are losing their lives due to unlocking the whole of India. All the offices, hotels, transport companies, everything has started as per the norms now, so that the employees who come to work in the company, factory, school and college have also started to be positive, so there is a lot of fear among the employees that they will be hospitalized or quarantined. For this, the Department of Education, Gandhinagar has also raised concerns about the leave of employees, as well as a specific instruction has been given by the Government in consultation with the Hon'ble Deputy Secretary, General Administration, Gandhinagar. Letter No. 10-20 20 - 501 Date 18 4 With reference to 2020, the Ministry of Health of the Government of India is currently controlling the spread of Novel Corona virus in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH and the State Government. Various steps have been taken to curb the spread of coronavirus in all the districts at present. As a precautionary measure, different operations have been assigned to the staff of all government primary schools under the office.

    If the employee on duty at your school or any member of his / her family has received a positive report from Corona, he / she has to take approved leave for home for rent in the following details.

 If any employee of the school is infected with coronavirus, he / she has to apply to stay at home for rent in the school by addressing the Taluka Primary Education Mr. and submit the certificate of ex-quarantine.

 The head teacher has verified the application regarding the application received by the employee. The recommendation to stay in quarantine should be informed in writing to the Taluka Primary Education Officer's office.

 A certified copy of the Corona Positive Report of the employee or any member of his / her family should be attached with the medical certificate application.

 In view of all these matters, regarding such leave applications, the headmaster of the school has asked the headmaster of the pay center school, Mr. A. Aadhaar to co-check and submit it to the taluka office along with the account on the basis of medical certificate. As well as the hospital attendance register remains to be noted which hospital quarantine self or home family lucky.



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