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Saturday, October 10, 2020

August ekam kasoti paper 2020

 August ekam kasoti paper 2020

     Schools are currently closed Education is closed Children are currently studying at home in the Corona epidemic Home Learning Video A home-learned book is given to the child every month. It should be noted that nowadays teachers also have to keep various types of information in their daily diary such as children studying through TV, children studying by scanning QR code, children studying through YouTube, children studying through Biseg, many other things have to be taken care of with the help of Microsoft Office. But every teacher has to keep in mind that the children of higher primary education get education by connecting through social media.

                  Even at this time, the government as well as GCERT has organized a unit test which is taken every year by the children. From the year 2019, the unit test has been started every fortnight on a syllabus basis with great success. But the unit test is written by the child at home. They have been organized. Last year, the unit test was conducted every week or every fortnight, but now the schools are closed and education is closed. The unit test is organized only once a month by the education department. The date and rules are given in advance. Information and guidance is given every month by the education department by issuing a circular. There is no TV, no mobile, no mobile, but no smart phone, no smartphone, but no internet. The children of Gujarat are facing many problems at present. Ra has been declared and the method of curriculum cut has also been adopted.

                 The date and syllabus of the unit test is given in advance by the education department so that a PDF copy of it comes on the email id of each primary school on the day before the education unit test is taken. Each teacher visits the house door to door and gives unit test as well as its question papers. After that the child is given some days for writing. Then the teacher removes the pressure again and takes the children to test the unit test. The process is ongoing

                   The unit test questions are asked aloud which is based on oral writing i.e. the child can find and write the answers even keeping the book open as well as the students answering most of the questions have to present their original writing and their own ideas so that Each child can write the answer according to his ability then the unit test is checked by the class teacher then the marks are told to all the students on the phone and most importantly the online entry of the marks of the unit test is also done by the teachers. The online entry of unit test marks is done by the class teachers through a new application so that in the future the child can find out which subject is not understood. In addition, the book learned at home is also evaluated.

Download from below link-UNIT TEAT PAPER AUGUST-2020

Std 3 EVs

Std 4 evs

Std 5 EVs

Std 6 ss

Std 7 ss

Std 8 ss

Std 6 science

Std 7 science

Std 8 science

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